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House of Starbucks

Anne Saunders, Starbucks

Anne Saunders, svp of marketing for Starbucks, says creating customer loyalty starts with just one thing: A really great coffee house. An exclusive HUB interview by Tim Manners. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

The Loyalty Ladder

Hunter Hastings, EMM Group

How Starbucks combines innovation, communication and the customer experience to move consumers up the loyalty ladder and achieve true accountability in marketing. By Hunter Hastings, managing partner, EMM Group. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

CMO Insights

Howard Handler, Virgin Mobile USA

Five questions on the role of the CMO and the future of marketing, as answered by Howard Handler, chief marketing officer for Virgin Mobile USA. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

Who’s Afraid of Wal-Mart?

Spencer Hapoienu, Insight Out of Chaos

Pueblo Supermarkets faces down Wal-Mart by winning the hearts, minds — the loyalties — of its shoppers. A case study in loyalty marketing by Spencer Hapoienu, ceo, Insight Out of Chaos. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

Trader Joe’s Adventure

Trader Joe's Adventure

What makes Trader Joe’s such a success? Len Lewis offers a treasure trove of insights and observations in his new book, "The Trader Joe’s Adventure." A review by HUB senior editor, Peter F. Eder. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

Speaking “Design” at Retail

Paco Underhill

How brand "design language" connects with consumers at retail. A roundtable discussion featuring Paco Underhill of Envirosell, Tim Dorgan of J. Brown Agency, Jason Press of G2 and Mike Pytlinski, formerly of Kraft. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

Have Insights, Will Party

Steve Gold, GoldnFish Marketing

College Drop-In" parties take aim at understanding a student market that spent more than $230 billion in 2004. By Steve Gold, chief creative officer, GoldnFish Marketing Group. (download PDF)

November 9, 2005   Comments

Nov/Dec ‘05

If you’d like to download a PDF of the entire Nov/Dec ’05 issue of The HUB (20 pages) please click here. (download PDF)

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