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Walmart Love

About a third of Cool News readers who responded to our online survey last week said they never shop at Walmart, that the retailer doesn’t appeal to them, never did and never will — recession or no recession. Although one reader admitted: "I wish to project an impression that says I am far too successful to shop at Walmart." A good chunk of respondents also took Walmart to task for any number of reasons — from how it treats its workers to the quality of its wares, the looks of its stores and its efforts at sustainability.

As one reader put it: "I see their ‘eco’ campaign as dark smog intended to cover-up their lack of humanity." Others were even less charitable (we can’t print what some said because Cool News is a family publication). However, some did have nice things to say about Walmart’s recent efforts to connect with its shoppers on a more emotional level. One respondent suggested that Walmart’s new "Save Money. Live Better." campaign "has touched a deep chord within the American psyche — exactly what a great campaign is supposed to do."

We also asked a series of questions about the balance between emotional and rational factors in brand strategy and whether it is possible to quantify a consumer’s emotional response to a brand. We’ll publish a summary of those results in the May issue of the Hub. But perhaps the most intriguing finding was that while most respondents said Walmart shoppers are important to their brands, most also said they had never shopped at Walmart with one of their consumers.  Are Cool News readers out of touch with reality where Walmart shoppers are concerned?  What do you think?~ Tim Manners, editor.