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The Shopper Economy.
Advocacy is the new currency in today’s socially-networked world. By Liz Crawford.
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Retail Re-imagined.
Traditional retailers need new ideas to win against their online competitors. By Alan Treadgold. read >>


Framing Loyalty.
The path to brand loyalty runs through positioning and spending effectiveness. By Jim Gabriele. read >>


Flour Power.
Panera puts its bread where its mouth is. By Dori Molitor. read >>


Motor City Stories.
Values now define consumer loyalty. By John Gerzema. read >>


The Wish List.
New habits and old traditions create emotional loyalties among holiday shoppers. By Seth Diamond. read >>


Loyalty Without Limits.
Keeping customers means adding value in new and inventive ways. By Randi Moore. read >>


The Big Picture.
Loyalty is the connective tissue between the steps in a consumer’s journey. By Eric Pakurar. read >>


Sound Advice.
Does your brand sound as good as it looks? By Lulu Raghavan. read >>


Counting Culture.
Hispanics and loyalty is more complicated than most marketers realize. By Will Minton. read >>


Perdido en la Traduccion.
A new tracking study reveals insights into Hispanics as shoppers. By Noemi Ricalo. read >>


Channel Choices.
A multichannel eco-system serves shopper needs. By Masha Sajdeh. read >>


Wireless Wayfinders.
Mobile phones are the new brand compass. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. read >>


Transcendental Applications. The digital age offers a new path-to-purchase model. By Stanley Stevens. read >>


Being Caribou.
Caribou turns a cup of coffee into a daily affirmation. By Dori Molitor. read >>


Marketing’s Last Stand.
Marketing needs to change before the cost structure of media-spend collapses. By Uri Baruchin. read >>


Dare to Compare.
Retail promotions may have a stronger impact on brand sales and identity than advertising. By Will Minton. read >>


Jesse Spungin explains how ConAgra nailed shopper marketing. By Chris Hoyt and Tim Manners. read >>


Great E-xpectations.
The unexpected is influential when using emerging media to engage shoppers. By Sara Quist. read >>


Brand New Metrics.
New complexities require new math for new media. By Mary Pocsik. read >>


Michael Dennelly, Marketing Drive
Digital Utility.
Injecting digital into your brand’s DNA. By Michael Dennelly. (pdf) or (text)


Will Minton, Integrated Marketing Services
Keeping it Real.
Authenticity and relevance make the difference for the world’s strongest brands. By Will Minton. (pdf) or (text)


Dori Molitor, Womanwise
Box-Tops Moms.
General Mills creates a "we" brand, one box top at a time.  By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)


Shari Brickin, Catapult
Social E’s.
The digital path to engage, educate, excite and evangelize. By Shari Brickin. (pdf) or (text)


Jayne Eastman, Henry Rak Consulting Partners
Making Plans Count.
Three principles of smart planning can protect brand identity. By Jayne Eastman. (pdf) or (text)


Beth Ann Kaminkow, Tracy Locke
Critical Mass.
Mass Customization offers irresistible opportunities to re-think brand identity. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. (pdf) or (text)


Karuna Rawal, Arc Worldwide
Shopper Back.
Shoppers expect brands to meet their needs anytime, everywhere.  By Karuna Rawal. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Company
The Walmart Crapshoot.
Project Impact does not appear to be the "win" that Walmart expected.  By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Company
The Hub Top 12.
Expectations intensify as shopper marketing charges into the future. By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Vince Weiner, Active International
Digital Campfire.
Notes from a retail summit on shoppers and digital media. By Vince Weiner. (pdf) or (text)


Dori Molitor, WomanWise
The New Pop Culture.
Optimism is the pulse of the next Pepsi generation. By Dori Molitor.  (pdf) or (text)


Katie Ryan, Landor
Meet the Millennials.
The impact of Millennials as parents is changing the marketplace. By Katie Ryan. (pdf) or (text)


Rita Wheat, G2
The Empowered Shopper.
Are you ready to engage consumers along the digital path-to-purchase?  By Dr. Rita Wheat. (pdf) or (text)


William Rosen, Arc Worldwide
Mobile Momentum.
Dissecting “the shopper” can be every bit as complex and nuanced as dissecting “mobile.”  By William Rosen. (pdf) or (text)


Catherine Boera, Landor
Return on Twitter.
The ROI on social media is at retail. By Catherine Boera. (pdf) or (text)


Jason Katz, Catapult
Digital Shopper Marketing.
Research reveals the digital tools that work best for shoppers.  By Jason Katz. (pdf) or (text)


Paul Thompson, Henry Rak Consulting Partners
Shopping Optimized.
Putting the shopper at the center of retail assortment decisions.  By Paul Thompson. (pdf) or (text)


Barbara Fabing, Arc Worldwide
Packages as People.
Creating a full embrace with shoppers starts with packaging. By Barbara Fabing. (pdf) or (text)


Luc Speisser, Landor
Sixteen Seconds.
Your brand has just sixteen seconds to be seen, understood and wanted. By Luc Speisser. (pdf) or (text)


Dori Molitor, WomanWise
Baby Love.
The “we decade” began almost ten years ago for J&J’s BabyCenter. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)


Randi Moore, Marketing Drive
The Retailer’s List.
To get on the shopper’s list, retailers must fill both needs and desires. By Randi Moore. (pdf) or (text)


Spencer Hapoienu, Insight Out of Chaos
True Loyalty.
What comes after the circular?  Retailers pinpoint better ideas. By Spencer Hapoienu. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Company
Cracked Rear View.
Putting category before brand is like driving in reverse. By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Vinit Doshi, Henry Rak Consulting Partners
Map the Gap.
Winning at retail requires innovation across bundles of brand benefits.  By Vinit Doshi. (pdf) or (text)


Randi Moore, Marketing Drive

Supermarket Savvy. Innovative supermarkets tap into emotional and functional desires.  By Randi Moore. (pdf) or (text)


Beth Ann Kaminkow, TracyLocke
Popping for Shoppers.
The "pop-up" trend is driving retail innovation. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. (pdf) or (text)


Anne Howe, Mars advertising
The Shopper Aperture.
Let’s put a new lens on the future of shopper marketing.  By Anne Howe. (pdf) or (text)


Dori Molitor, WomanWise
The We Decade.
Creating community and higher purpose will elevate our brands in the 2010s. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)


Paul Kramer, Catapult
Smooth Selling.
Integrated Selling drives bottom-line sales and better brand performance. By Paul Kramer. (pdf) or (text)


Mark Renshaw, Arc Worldwide
The Socialized Shopper.
New research shows how social media is changing shopping behavior.  By Mark Renshaw. (pdf) or (text)


Jim Doucette, Henry Rak Consulting Partners
Think Big!
Embrace strategic planning as the great opportunity to build loyalty that it is.  By Jim Doucette. (pdf) or (text)


Al Wittemen, TracyLocke
Shopping for Value.
Let’s give shoppers more value than they pay for.  By Al Wittemen. (pdf) or (text)


Masha Sajdeh, Nick Jones, Arc Worldwide
Precision, Prudence & Passion.
A study of multichannel shoppers yields valuable insights. By Masha Sajdeh and Nick Jones. (pdf) or (text)


Richard Guha, Brand Max Equity
Real-Time Loyalty.
Green Hills Market builds loyalty where the shopper, product and store converge. By Richard Guha. (pdf) or (text)


Dori Molitor, WomanWise
Stand By Me.
A year ago we were angry.  Now we’d like some tender, loving care. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)


Scott Osman, Landor
Citizenship Branding.
Loyalty grows when brand values and strategy align.  By Scott Osman. (pdf) or (text)


Zain Raj, Euro RSCG Discovery
Leading with Loyalty.
Brand rituals build loyalty and drive growth.  By Zain Raj. (pdf) or (text)


Al Wittemen, TracyLocke
Feeling the Media.
Making shoppers feel the love means making the media feel their pain. By Al Wittemen. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Co.
Screen Gems.
The convergence of digitalmedia at retail is re-defining the shopping experience. By Vince Weiner. (pdf) or (text)


Alexander Do, Landor

Open Up! Are you up for the challenge of open branding?   By Alex Do. (pdf) or (text)


William Rosen, Arc Worldwide
Activating Creativity.
Bringing brands to life across channels and disciplines moves people to action. By William Rosen. (pdf) or (text)


Cindy Jolicoeur, Marketing Drive
Codeword: Partnership.
Television is alive and well for advertisers who innovate and collaborate. By Cindy Jolicoeur. (pdf) or (text)


Dori Molitor, WomanWise
Burt’s Buzz.
At Burt’s Bees, a culture of caring is both the medium and the message. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)


Greg Murtagh, Triad Digital Media
Shopper-Marketing Online.
Walmart sets the standard for engaging consumers online. By Greg Murtagh. (pdf) or (text)


Jim Garrity, Kerry O'Connor, Bellwether
Digital Bridges.
New research uncovers keys to successful digital-media integration. By Jim Garrity and Kerry O’Connor. (pdf) or (text)


Mack Hoopes, Henkel Consumer Goods

The Shopper’s Perspective. Value-seeking behaviors may transcend demographics.  By Mack Hoopes. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Co.

Minding the Store. The “best of the best” in shopper marketing get better and better.  By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Al Wittemen, Marta LaRock, TracyLocke

Brand the Experience. Seven “simple” questions clear the path to innovation and growth.  By Al Wittemen and Marta LaRock. (pdf) or (text)


Mitch Blum, Marketing Drive

Long-Live Brands! National brands need to up their game to stay on top.  By Mitch Blum. (pdf) or (text)


Susan Nelson, Mary Zalla, Landor

Brand-Image Boffo. A behind-the-scenes look into the making of NetApp’s global brand.   By Britt Dionne. (pdf) or (text)


Eric Greifenberger, Henry Rak Consulting Partners

Map the Market. An understanding of consumer behavior frames a brand’s competitive advantage.  By Eric Greifenberger. (pdf) or (text)


Joel Nickelsen, Meridian Consulting Group

Branding Sales Culture. Recapturing the value of selling skills is critical to building brand identity. By Joel Nickelsen. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Co.

The Hub Top 12. The “best of the best” in shopper marketing get better and better.  By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Ted Taft, Meridian Consulting Group

Shopper-Friendly Culture. Growth at retail demands a more holistic view of shopper marketing.  By Ted Taft. (pdf) or (text)


Jason Sorley, Marketing Drive

The Three-Percent Club. Brands that empathize rationally and visually get more attention at the shelf.  By Jason Sorley. (pdf) or (text)


Susan Nelson, Mary Zalla, Landor

Insight-Out Design. Great design informed by solid research is the shortest distance between a shopper and a brand.  By Susan Newlson and Mary Zalla. (pdf) or (text)


Al Wittemen, Marta LaRock, TracyLocke

Brands to Retail. Seven "simple" questions clear the path to innovation and growth. By Al Wittemen and Marta LaRock. (pdf) or (text)


Al Wittemen, TracyLocke

Johnny the Bagger. An emotional connection is more important than ever at retail. By Al Wittemen. (pdf) or (text)


Paul Thompson, Henry Rak

The Net Brand Effect. A portfolio approach to pricing is critical to brand growth at retail. By Paul Thompson. (pdf) or (text)


Chip Miller, Miller Zell

Store Brand Surprise. An in-store test reveals unexpected dynamics between national and retailer brands. By Chip Miller. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Co.

Touching the Elephant. Shopper marketing is the elephant in the room that nobody sees quite the same way. By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Zain Raj, Euro RSCG

McDonald’s Gets McBetter. For McDonald’s, McActions speak louder than McWords. By Zain Raj and Paula Ausick. (pdf) or (text)


Jane Eastman, Henry Rak Consulting Partners

An Innovator’s Blueprint. Innovation effectiveness is the key to growth in challenging times.  By Vince Weiner. (more)


Vince Weiner, Active International

Secret Sauce. There’s absolutely nothing about this recession that a little bit of good chocolate and a lot of great retail can’t cure.  By Vince Weiner. (more)


Al Wittemen, TracyLocke
Solutions Without Walls. Innovation demands tearing down walls between consumers and shoppers.  By Al Wittemen. (more)


Cindy Jolicoeur, Marketing Drive
Green Pragmatism. Eco-savvy consumers should be at the center of your brand strategy.  By Cindy Jolicoeur. (more)


Luke Mansfield, Landor Associates
Box of Tools. Innovation is a set of philosophies and methods to help solve problems in creative ways.  By Luke Mansfield. (pdf) or (text)


John Wilkins, Miller Zell
Retail as Runway. Left-brained brands should take a cue from right-brained retailers.  By John Wilkins. (pdf) or (text)


Tim Scholler, Mars Advertising
The Shopper’s Journey. A new study reveals what our struggle for meaning and identity says about the way we shop. By Tim Scholler. (pdf) or (text)


Chris Hoyt, Hoyt & Company
T-Minus Ten. A Hub benchmark study says the shopper-marketing rocket ship is ready for liftoff.   By Chris Hoyt. (pdf) or (text)


Jon Kramer, Alliance Marketing
A Mighty Wind. Shopper marketing isn’t about the shopper.  It’s about the retailer.  By Jon Kramer. (pdf) or (text)

Chris Maher, Greenlight
Shoeless Cobblers. Agencies must reinvent their business models.  By Chris Maher. (pdf) or (text)