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Putting social media to work for packaged-goods brands. By Martin Bishop. Just as superbugs have become resistant to antibiotics, consumers have developed immunity to standard marketing approaches, rejecting them as commoditized and unappealing. Social media, by contrast, offers tantalizing new possibilities. But it’s not been all fun and games for marketers. Chasing social-media opportunities has often turned into a frustrating and fruitless endeavor; brands and their spokespeople find themselves unwanted guests at the party.

Nowhere is the frustration more acute than for those marketing consumer-packaged goods. Packaged-goods brands, created in and perfectly tuned for the mass-marketing era, are struggling to adjust to a new world that’s all about relationships and customer experience. What is the most effective way for packaged-goods brands to approach social media? What are its real opportunities? The answer starts with a realistic and honest assessment of where a brand stands in its relationships with its customers … read >>


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