Insanely Great

Remembering Steve Jobs and the NeXT big thing. By John Uppgren. Along with about 200 other NeXT, Inc., alumni, I traveled to Redwood City, California, in late October to celebrate Steve Jobs’ life. NeXT was the company Steve founded after his exile from Apple in 1985. Although most histories mention his time at NeXT, it was far more important than many people realize. While the company struggled to reinvent computing from the ground up, its contributions to the industry were unparalleled at the time.

The product ideas first commercialized at NeXT ultimately led to iTunes, HTML, seamless networking, single-board computers, integrated sound, multi-media mail and the use of objects in the development of software, just to name a few. NeXT also proved that UNIX based systems, which until that time were reserved for a technical audience, were also viable for consumers … read >>


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