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Brand Apptitude

Five tips for connecting with a branded app. By Richard Swain. Much research is being published around technology and emotional engagement, specifically with smartphones. For consumers, the smartphone is a ubiquitous companion that provides a gateway to the digital universe. For brands, it’s an opportunity to get closer to those consumers than ever before by way of branded apps.

However, the decision to invest in a branded app should not be taken lightly. According to research published by Deloitte in 2011, 80 percent of major consumer and health-care apps are downloaded fewer than 1,000 times. What, then, is the key to ensuring that your branded app is successful?

Obviously, it should be personalized and easy to use, as well as work seamlessly across all devices. In addition, here are five basic tips that can help your app not only get downloaded, but be used time and again, building a stronger relationship with your customers … read >>