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sharon love tpnA networked experience is essential to brand loyalty. By Sharon Love. As a culture, as producers, and as marketers, we have created an environment that has commoditized nearly all of our brands and categories to a point where we have devalued brand loyalty. We can ask ourselves, how did we get here? For the past few years, we blamed economic conditions for consumer shopping and buying behaviors. The truth is, we have so over-saturated product variations and created such a constant rotation of sales and discounts that consumers are led to the troth based on price and little else.

All things being equal, consumers can understand why a product is relevant to them. But for the majority of categories, they buy based on what they are willing to pay for an item, rather than on the value of the experience associated with that brand. The fact of the matter is, unless the products are consumables, many consumers visit retailers for the showroom effect. They go to the store to get the look and feel of the item/product/brand they want to buy, but more often than not they aren’t buying on that occasion because they know they can either search online for a lower price or wait for a sale or special discount. read >>