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hub surveyHow innovative are today’s cars? What innovations would we most like to see in our next car? With George Blankenship of Tesla Motors as the cover-story interview for our annual “innovation” edition, we thought that a survey about cars and innovation would be cool. So, we lined up every nameplate we could think of — 30 all told — and asked readers to indicate whether they evoked “surprise & delight,” “satisfaction” or “boredom.”

Of the 30 car brands, only Audi, Mini and Porsche topped 50 percent on the “surprise & delight” scale — and just barely. Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW, Fiat and Tesla also scored relatively high on “surprise & delight.” Toyota and Honda were the only two that scored above 50 percent on “satisfaction,” while clear majorities branded Chevrolet and Lincoln with “boredom” (although Chrysler and Dodge came close, at 47%) … read >>


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