Vending Reinvented

peter clarke product venturesImagine a supermarket where packaged goods are made to order. By Peter Clarke. It’s amazing how technology has changed our lives over the last few decades with the advent of personal computers, smart phones, and the internet. However, with the exception of improvements at self check-out, the retail store remains essentially unchanged, especially the store shelves.

As marketers seek to satisfy the desires and preferences of an ever growing populous with pre-packaged flavors, scents and sizes, the proliferation of product offerings clogs our shelves, confuses our shoppers and stresses our planet. We need to rethink product packaging, as it is the single largest category of landfill waste and the biggest component of ocean litter that harms marine life. While we have embraced the convenience of disposability, the reality is that a disposable society is no longer a sustainable one … read >>


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