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david crosbyDavid Crosby is releasing his first solo record in 21 years with help from his long-lost 52-year-old son, reports Marc Myers in The Wall Street Journal (1/15/14). David, a founding member of The Byrds, didn’t know that "pianist-arranger James Raymond" was his son until 1995, when James "and his adoptive parents discovered" the connection. "He’s a better musician than I am … he can read and write music," David says. "He’s also a better lyricist. I wish I had been there when he was growing up, but I’m also glad he never knew the David who was always stoned."

"James and I set out to do a collaborative album, and we wrote the words and music together," says David. "James had the entire project in his head, so it’s the most concise and thought-out album I’ve recorded. I think my vocal phrasing has less of a knowing wink in places and is more questioning, like I don’t have the world all figured out." And David says he continues to be fascinated that "you could move listeners by how you wrap harmony around melody. I don’t know why human beings are uplifted by an open fifth or are saddened by a minor chord, but they are."

Father and son collaborated previously, in 1996, "when they formed Crosby, Pevar & Raymond, which lasted until 2004 (video)." The new record, ‘Croz’, "took nearly three years to complete because we didn’t have any money," says David. "When we did a recording session, that was my grocery money. Fortunately, James has a studio at his house and musician-friends worked for free." Wynton Marsalis and Mark Knopfler are among the guest artists on the album. "I probably won’t make a dime off this CD, but I don’t care," David says. "I only care that the music reaches people’s hearts."