Breaking Dad

lynne robertson fameThe new male role at home is changing every rule at retail. By Lynne Robertson. Man, oh man, have things changed in the shopping aisle. These days, virtual carts outnumber store carts, coupons are being clicked instead of clipped, and fitting rooms have been replaced with magic mirrors that let you slip something on without slipping anything off.

It is not only the way we shop today that’s changing, though; who’s doing the shopping is changing, too. More men than ever are taking over the traditionally female role of ‘shopper-in-chief’ — and not just for ‘boy toys,’ but also for food, cleaning products, diapers and even their kids’ holiday gifts.

According to Hartman, the Seattle-based, consumer-insight group, men are becoming formidable shoppers in their own right. Recent shopping trends show some 40 percent of men today are now the primary grocery shopper in the household. Perhaps even more surprising, a whopping 86 percent say they’re okay with their new role at home, partaking in tasks that are "necessary to keep the household running," including child rearing, shopping and gift purchases. continue


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