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cool newsCreative Mess, Electrolux Triangle, and Whiteboard Design. "A cluttered environment fosters innovation," according to Kathleen D. Vohs, a University of Minnesota marketing professor who conducted two studies on the subject. In the first study, the laboratory was "arranged to look either tidy … or messy." A total of 188 adults were invited in for a visit, with each "assigned to either a messy or tidy room."

Each "was shown a menu" of three fruit smoothies. In one version of the menu, the word ‘classic’ highlighted one of three smoothies, while on the other menu the word ‘new’ promoted the very same smoothie. Those in the tidy room chose the ‘classic’ smoothie "almost twice" as often as the other two choices, while those in the messy room selected ‘new’ more than twice as often. "Thus, people greatly preferred convention in the tidy room and novelty in the messy room." continue


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