Fun With Numbers

spencer hapoienuData gives brands the opportunity to add personality and a personal touch. By Spencer L. Hapoienu. Before the digital revolution, creativity was driven primarily by television and print ads. Creativity meant clever, impactful design and smart copy. In many ways, the speed of digital communications and the diminished visual impact through smaller screens has led to less creativity from a communications perspective. Copy is less important and treated as such, and less effort is put into design because it is so fleeting.

We are certainly seeing more creativity from a technological perspective, but less from a design perspective. It seems that most of the great design is going into products like the iPad. The trend away from communication design and copy has continued and accelerated because of the data revolution. The more data is used to drive targeting, relevance, and specific promotion offers, the more need there is for templates and ease of functionality that can reduce costs and simplify the delivery process. The thinking has been that if the offer is relevant to the specific customer, the importance of the communication creativity in terms of copy and design is reduced. continue


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