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Valentine’s Hate

broken heartIt seems that very few people are in love with Valentine’s Day, reports Brad Tuttle in Time (2/13/14). As holidays go, most people apparently are willing/coerced to play along, but almost no one is much enamored of Valentine’s Day. In fact, "fewer Americans are celebrating Valentine’s Day in a traditional sense – with their loved ones – this year," according to the National Retail Federation. "In a recent survey, 54% of American adults said they’d be celebrating the holiday in 2014, down from 60% a year ago." This trend is not lost on some of America’s bars and restaurants.

Sometimes it’s a case of open hostility. A chain called Tilted Kilt, for instance, offers "drink specials for the cynical, anti-romance crowd, with names like ‘Bitter Lemonade’ and ‘Punch Passion (in the Face)." At White Castle, it’s a softer and lighter, possibly humorous touch: "sit-down service Valentine’s dinners, with candlelight, tablecloths and a ‘Surf and Turf’ meal, consisting of a White Castle Double Hamburger and an Alaska Pollock fish patty. Cheesecake on a Stick is available for dessert." Reservations are required.

A McDonald’s in North Carolina similary offers a candlelit dinner, featuring "musical selections by Ron." The imagination runs wild. At Hooter’s – with no obviously intended irony — it’s a ‘Love The Wing’ promotion. "Everyone has a valentine at Hooters this year," says Hooters. Especially those from Buffalo. For the truly forlorn, a Boston bar hosts a Cupid’s Stupid Party, featuring "food that feels your pain," such as Jerked Chicken, with "voodoo doll cookies for dessert so that you can ‘bite your ex’s head off one last time’."