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The Strypes

strypesThe youngest member of the hottest new boy band is 16 and loves Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter and Muddy Waters, reports Jim Fusilli in The Wall Street Journal (4/2/14). The band is The Strypes, they’re from Ireland and specialize in "the kind of raved-up blues, R&B and rock that’s akin to what inspired the Animals, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds and other British bands of the 1960s." Whether live or on record, The Strypes "perform with a thrilling blend of ferocity and technical prowess."

"I would’ve known who Chuck Berry was at about age 5," says Evan Walsh, 17, the drummer, who began thumpin’ them pagan skins at 3. The bandmates connected through their parents, who had played in bands together. "Evan’s parents had a great record collection," says guitarist Josh McClorey, at 18 the band’s elder statesman. "We learned the blues through the ’60s groups, and then we’d find out that it was a Howlin’ Wolf song, or Muddy Waters." The band’s debut album, Snapshot, includes two Bo Diddley covers.

Even without parental guidance, Josh says it’s not hard to go to school on the old school. "We have YouTube, Spotify — we have the Internet. We can look it up in an instant. You can learn the history of a band in a day." He adds: "People have this weird hang-up that rock ‘n’ roll is dead. But it’s still relevant." The Strypes just completed their first US tour, including appearances on Conan and Letterman, and at South by Southwest. They will likely return to America later this year, touring Ireland and Western Europe in the meantime.