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Vox & Chorus

Content management systems are shaping the next generation of news, reports Leslie Kaufman in The New York Times (4/7/14). Among those leading the chorus is Chorus, which powers news sites published by Vox Media. Chorus "is credited with having a toolset that allows journalists to edit and illustrate their copy in dramatic fashion, promote their work on social media, and interact with readers — all seamlessly and intuitively." It is the platform for sites including SB Nation, The Verge, and the newly-launched

What some — especially younger — journalists love about Chorus is that it "enables them to do things like make photos appear as a cursor slides down a page; add links automatically to copy; and identify problem commentators through word identification." This is luring a new generation of journalists, like Ezra Klein, away from the newspaper business. "We were badly held back not just by the technology, but by the culture of journalism," says Ezra, who left the Washington Post’s Wonkblog for

The problem, says Ezra, is that print publishing systems are designed for printing newspapers, which are incremental by nature. This sacrifices context — "the biggest source of waste is everything the journalist has written before today," says Ezra. His vision is that background information be integrated with breaking news — for example, a "card stack" of essential terms accompanies each story. This, says Ezra, makes news stories easier to understand, "like a wiki page written by one person with a little attitude."