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Milq Beads

milq beadsA new social-media site called Milq is promising community-curated content, reports Ben Sisario in The New York Times (4/28/14). In concept, the idea is like Pinterest, except instead of individuals curating content, Milq is guided by groups. "Milq is designed to create a better structure of a network to take it from a cacophony to somewhere you can find the best stuff," says Don MacKinnon, a co-founder. At the center of Milq is a so-called "bead," or "a permanent collection of topic pages."

So, instead of "the never-ending news feeds on sites like Facebook or Twitter," Milq is organized by beads devoted to specific areas of interest, each "containing media clips posted by users. One bead, for example, is devoted to smart uses of music in movies, another has great impressions by comedians. Milq’s system then analyzes consumption patterns and ranks the content in each bead. One factor is the relative clout of whoever added it … In time, a kind of consensus emerges on the quality of the content."

In another twist, each category is posed as a question, such as "Best Lebanese Indie Sounds?" The idea, says co-founder Tomi Poutanen, is that a question serves as "an invitation for people to participate." The Milq app is free, but the "plan is for brands to sponsor certain beads — a car company, for example, might get behind one about driving." Conde Nast is already looking for ways "to incorporate beads on its magazines’ sites" as a way to aggregate readers vertically into niche interests.