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Coupon Drop

liz crawfordConsideration has gone from a solitary chore to a fun-filled online party. By Liz Crawford. What’s popular in shopping for consumables? You’ll never guess. Coupons. More than 80 percent of consumers ‘regularly’ use coupons, according to the Annual Coupon Facts Report for 2013, issued by NCH in February. Further demonstrating the stubbornness of habit, traditional newspaper inserts (FSIs) still account for the majority of redemptions (51%), while ‘all other media’ crept up to 18 percent.

Whatever form shoppers prefer, coupons handily win the popularity contest among various other types of promotions. In fact, marketers recognizing that coupons still ‘work,’ collectively upped their distribution 3.3 percent, to a whopping 315 billion in 2013. Okay, coupons still ‘work.’ But work in what way? What role do we think coupons really play in the purchase cycle? continue