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Rockaway Times

rockaway-times-smKevin Boyle has a "brash plan to start a print newspaper amid that medium’s rapid decline," reports Corey Kilgannon in The New York Times (6/18/14). In his previous careers, Kevin had "owned two bars in Brooklyn, taught college courses on media studies, written a book about the Rockaways and owned a Domino’s pizza restaurant." His decision to launch The Rockaway Times came after he tried and failed to buy part of The Wave, a local newspaper of which he was editor.

His vision is a lightly-staffed free newspaper, with a print run of 10,000 copies — same as The Wave, which sells for 50 cents. The plan is to deliver the paper to "houses, apartment buildings" and leave it at "busy storefronts and other hubs." The paper will also publish online. Kevin’s staff consists of "two salespeople and a young, full-time reporter." He has also recruited "local writers to write for no pay: a surf maven for a column on that topic, a bartender to write about bars and other experts on beach news and wellness."

The newsroom "is a former taxi depot" on a busy street, which, like much of the Rockaways, had been flooded by Hurricane Sandy. It’s still adorned by "an old green taxi sign." Furniture is a "card table and three folding chairs" and, says Kevin, probably "a refrigerator with one or two beers in it, for local color." He adds that he thinks the location "lends itself to community input." All in all, Kevin (who commutes to his new job on a bicycle) thinks he can "tell the weekly story of the Rockaways as well as anyone."