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Luxury Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz introduces its first luxury hybrid, the S550 Plug-in.

Facebook Surge

How a Facebook group persuaded Coca-Cola to rerelease Surge.

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic launches Lumix camera phone with giant sensor.

Pioneer Plan

Pioneer is spinning off its DJ hardware business to focus on cars.

Frozen Attraction

Disney World is building ‘Frozen’ attraction.

McBurger Hit

McDonald’s is crowdsoucing its next hit burger.

Robotic Cheetah

MIT lets its robotic cheetah off the leash.

Plus Side

Full-figured fashion gets a new look.

The Fade-Out

The sad, gradual decline of the fade-out in popular music.

Pizza Pets

Pizza restaurant offered free hamsters.

Netropolitan Club

Facebook — for rich people (for just $9,000).

Electric Harley

Harley gives sneak peek of electric prototype.


People are paying double the retail price of the new iPhones because they can’t bear the thought of having to wait a few weeks to own one.

Radio Chip

This ant-sized radio is powered by the messages it receives.

Happy Wife

Study suggests ‘happy wife, happy life’ maxim is true.

Green Hotels

Eco-friendly hotels save green, studies show.

Firsts Thirst

London designers target fashion-hungry shoppers with ‘tech firsts’.

Living Single

Singles now outnumber married people in America — and that’s a good thing.

KitTea Cafe

Behold, designs for the first permanent cat cafe in the US.

Brain Study

Brain may ‘compensate’ for Alzheimer’s damage.