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Whole Person Insights

Fern-Grant-optPutting ‘whole person’ thinking at the heart of insights will grow brands. Fern Grant writes, “I have spent 25 years working in consumer insights. I’ve heard motorcycle owners in China complain about their wives not wanting them to race, shaved armpits in the shower with women in London (yes, with bathing suits on), and stood in line with moms at midnight before Black Friday.

“I love research. I’ve loved it from my early days as a research psychologist; then as a brand planner; when I was the head of insights for a toy manufacturer; and now as the leader of a team of integrated planners. I love it because the work gives me the opportunity to connect with ‘real’ people, and to understand the richness and complexity of what makes us human. As a planner, research is my window into solving problems, to formulating insights, and developing strategies.” continue